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  • Part Kit

    Overview of creating a Part Kit and selecting various options available.

  • W.I.P. Screen Overview

    Overview of the screen to monitor existing work as it progresses through the shop. Includes sorting, searching, filtering and adjusting the WIP display.

  • W.I.P. Screen Options

    Overview of the options provided at the bottom of the WIP screen. (WIP Detail is covered in its own clip)

  • W.I.P. Detail Window

    Overview of the information displayed and options provided by the Detail button for a selected order.

  • Vehicle Data Entry

    Basics for entering vehicle information in either the 3 tab file maintenance view or the 5 tab order view.

  • Vehicle Screen

    Overview of the additional options on the Vehicle screen + BONUS: How to free up a license plate to transfer it to another vehicle.

  • Recommendations [Vehicle]

    Overview of standard Recommendations manual entry and also stored Recommendations text creation and application to a vehicle record.

  • Technician Setup

    Overview of employee setup for technicians, service writers and their availability for scheduling

  • Scheduler Options

    Setup of business hours, holidays and hours displayed for using the Scheduler.

  • Scheduler: Add/Edit Statuses

    How to add custom status entries to be used in the appointment editor